In addition to the works of art that we display in our permanent exhibition in the Rectorate building, in temporary exhibitions and on the Augustusplatz campus, or that we store in our depots, we are also responsible for all objects that are located in other university facilities. We also manage works of art that are displayed or hung in faculties and institutes. We advise the institutions on the presentation and care of these works of art.

enlarge the image: Bronzerelief "Karl Marx und das revolutionäre Wesen seiner Lehre", 1970-1973, Foto: Kustodie
The bronze relief “Karl Marx and the revolutionary essence of his teachings”, originally created for the main building of the socialist university, now stands on the Jahnallee campus. Photo: Kustodie, Marion Wenzel

Locations include the Jahnallee campus and the public areas of Leipzig University Library, to name but a few. In 2008, the bronze relief “Karl Marx and the revolutionary essence of his teachings”, created between 1970 and 1973 by Klaus Schwabe and Frank Ruddigkeit, was installed outdoors on the Jahnallee campus (photo above). Until 2006 it was mounted on the University’s socialist main building on Augustusplatz (formerly Karl-Marx-Platz). On the grounds of the Faculty of Sport Science there are also bronze sculptures by Rudolf Oelzner such as the group “Rumpfheben” from 1966 (photo below), the “Gymnastin” created in the same year or the “Speerwerfer” (1965), which unfortunately is currently missing its spear, as well as a variety of other art objects. In the Bibliotheca Albertina, numerous paintings hang in the reading and catalogue rooms, which are also looked after by the Kustodie.

enlarge the image: Bronzeskulptur auf dem Campus Jahnallee, zwei Figuren aus Bronze auf einem Steinsockel, ein Mädchen und ein Junge bei Turnübungen, das Mädchen führt die Übung "Rumpfheben" aus, der Junge hält ihre Beine zur Unterstützung fest
Rudolf Oelzner, Rumpfheben, 1966. Photo: Kustodie, Marion Wenzel

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